Environmental Awareness Activity in Schools Phase-2, 2015


Environmental Awareness Programme

Bangladesh is very vulnerable to climate changes. Indeed, it has internationally been argued that Bangladesh, as a country, may suffer the most severe impacts from climate change.


Climate change is not only an "environmental" concern but really a “development” concern for Bangladesh.


More promising anticipatory adaptations are changes in behavioral patterns, human practices as the main contributor to Climate Change is the use of fossil fuels (e.g. gas and coal) to generate electricity and power our machinery (e.g. cars, lights, air conditioners).When we burn fossil fuels we release carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. This can cause sea level rise, increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, changing weather patterns, coastal erosions and loss of freshwater resources.


Bangladesh is prone to multiple threats such as cyclones, storm surges and floods, as well as earthquakes, tsunamis, and above all, climate change. Scarcity of drinking water, land erosion, the high groundwater arsenic content, water logging, water and soil salinity and various forms of pollution have also slowed down social and economic developments.


These are all man made and is done by the people living in the cities as they are totally unaware about what they are doing or they do not go to into deep as they do not stay in the coastal area. Moreover , school students and teachers are one of the most critical segments to educate about their immediate environment and impart knowledge about the eco-systems, their inter-dependence and their need for survival. Therefore, Environment Awareness Programme will give opportunity to raise awareness among these city dwelling children especially the school children to reduce the environmental pollution save the resources so that they know how to save the resources , save Bangladesh and eventually save themselves.


LEADS as part of Environment Awareness among school children has already signed MoU with IDLC to go to different schools . It also organized SAARC Coastal Awareness Festival for School Children from 16th to 18th November '12. On a regular basis the children of LEADS centre are practicing to save the resources like water, gas , electricity as well as telling people whom they see to pollute environment on their way to school, home at their school and home to reduce environment pollution and save the environment .

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