Challanges We Face

Lack of proper Transportation

LEADS has bought a van to pick up the children everyday from their schools to bring them to the center, and again drop them off at the end of the day. For health checkup, the van is also used to take the children to different hospitals, which are often located quite far from the center.

However, the van is not a very safe mode of transportation for the children, especially when traveling long distances. Hence lack of a proper vehicle has become a challenge for LEADS to carry out their activities.

Moreover, a vehicle can also allow LEADS to bring in children from other government primary schools as well that are not located in the vicinity of the center.

Change in Residence

In some cases, the parents lost their jobs and moved away to a different place to look for a job. Again in some cases, the families could no longer afford their current place and moved off to a different location. This forces the children to change their schools, and sometimes even drop out from their schools, and from LEADS.

Private Tuition by School Teachers

Many teachers of the government primary schools provide private tuition at their residence to the school children, and many parents perceive this to be a much better option to ensure good results from their children. This is another reason for some of the drop outs at LEADS.


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