Making A Difference

Study Tours

At LEADS, we believe that the students should not only be well-equipped with textbook knowledge but should also be socially and culturally sound to adapt easily to the outside world. This is why LEADS arranges regular study tours for the children to different historical and important places of Bangladesh. This not only enriches the learning process of the children and gives them the chance to know more about their history and culture, but also refreshes their mind

Share-learning Workshop

EQUIP team arranges ‘Share-learning Workshops’ in every alternate month with the students, where they are asked to share their ideas on how they want to be a better human being, what good things they have done recently etc. They are also asked to talk in front of everybody, write on the board etc., which helps them become more vocal and develop presentation skills.Most of the students usually prefer group-based competitive learning to compete with each other and give their best

Peer Educator

EQUIP team has brought in the concept of ‘Peer Educator’ among these children, where one or two of the children will assist their peers in academic and other activities. The peers help their classmates understand a subject in a more effective manner. At the same time, this also enables the peers to learn more by going over the same topic again and again. 


Values Days

At LEADS, we want the children to become not only another good student, but also a good human being. That is why Thursdays of every week are observed as "Values Days", where the children are encouraged to develop their human qualities and moral values to become a better person and a better citizen of the country.On these days, students read different stories with moral teachings, while others listen. They also watch cartoons and movies especially targeted for children that help them develop certain values.


Student Savings

LEADS has taken up a saving initiative for their students, encouraging them to save money on a regular basis. This is to help them understand the importance of money and grow the habit of savings in them.

For this purpose, each child has been given a clay bank, where they are to save at least Taka 20-100 per week. They often provide money to their families from their savings for meeting urgent requirements.

With this activity, the tendency to save money is growing in the children, and they are also learning the importance of saving money in their life.

Functional Skill Development

The children are regularly taught activities such as sewing, paper-bag making etc. which increase their expertise at functional levels. Used papers are collected from different organizations and recycled /reused to make these paper bags to make the children understand the concept of waste management and recycling to address the global warming. The money generated by selling these product go to their clay bank which helps in developing saving tendency in them.


Becoming a Global Citizen

The children are required to read newspapers everyday and discuss later among themselves regarding the latest news. Moreover, children of Class Four and above also operate computers to develop basic computer skills



Recognition for Good Results

LEADS arranges prize-giving ceremonies in recognition of good results of the students. Prizes are given to students who scores highest numbers in the class, as well as to students who performs better compared to their previous exams.This is to boost up morale of the children, and encourage them to perform even better in future.


Social Events

LEADS regularly arranges class parties, Eid reunions etc. for the students and their families, to give them a chance to interact with each other and enjoy the occasions. Children wear special dresses on these occasions and fund is collected from each of them to buy decorations for the occasions. LEADS also provides them special lunch on these days.



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